Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fly a glider?


Almost everyone with a disability can fly in a glider, from teenagers onwards.


In terms of medical requirements, as a guide, if you can drive a car you can fly a glider. Even if you can't drive a car you may still be able to fly a glider: the minimum age for flying solo is 14. There is no fixed upper age limit.


Some medical conditions or medication prevent solo flying but you might still be able to fly with an instructor. If you're uncertain whether you'd be able to fly just get in touch with us.

Who will I fly with?

Whichever club you select, for your initial Air Experience flight you will fly in a two seat glider with a fully qualified gliding instructor and, if you wish, will be given the opportunity to handle the controls of the glider during your flight. If you then decide to join the club and carry on learning to fly yourself then the sky is the limit. Once you become a solo pilot you can then move on to cross-country flying, instructing or maybe learnt aerobatics.  

Are there any restrictions?

There are weight and size restrictions for people flying in gliders and this will depend on the type of glider you will be flying in but a maximum weight of around 225 lbs (102Kg) is normal.  People above 6' 3" (1.9M) may not fit in the glider.  Please discus this with the club before booking a flight but if your height is the concern always worth a visit to the club and sit in a glider beforehand.