Adam Czeladzki - Inspirational Glider Pilot

Adam Czeladzki is a Polish glider pilot who broke his spine in 2009 as a result of an accident.  Adam says “Since 2010 I have been flying on a specially adapted one-person glider. Since the accident, I have almost doubled my flying and won many awards. It can be said that flying "keeps me alive".

He made a record flight of 1128.87 km (2016), using only the forces of nature, which is an incredible distance to achieve, even for able-bodied pilots. His passion is the training of pilots with disabilities.  He completed the instructor course in Turbi, near Stalowa Wola, during the training of disabled glider pilots organized by the Stalowa Wola Aero Club on 9-24.05.2016. The founder of the training was the AVALON Foundation – as part of the Avalon EXTREME project, promoting extreme sports for people with disabilities. Training flights were performed on the Schempp Hirth Duo Discus glider – a glider adapted for the disabled, fully manually controlled.

Adam with his JS1 glider

As the first instructor in Poland with a disability, he organizes glider courses on a two-seater Duo Discus glider, adapted for people with disabilities. Flying keeps him alive. When he stands on the "box" of the World Cup, he intends to sign his photo: "Are you sure you would not like to be in my place?". This is his dream – to win the opportunity to start pilots with disabilities in the world championships. Winner of the "Man without Barriers 2014" competition. Every day he proves that an accident after which he stopped walking does not mean the end of dreams and does not prevent the realization of passion. He is glad that he can give other pilots strength and help regain their self-esteem.