Helping people learn to become glider pilots

The aim of the charity is to fund adaptions to gliders to allow disabled people to be able to learn to fly and become solo glider pilots.  Gliders in particular require full control of the rudder and this is normal controlled using the feet.  By adapting the rudder to be able to be controlled with the left hand this allows those with spinal injuries to be in full control of the glider using only their hands.


In order to support disabled people across England and Wales we plan to purchase a fully modified two seat glider.  This glider will be able to be taken to different gliding clubs to run initial courses to introduce people to the freedom and excitement of flying a glider yourself.  In Scotland this is already available through Walking on Air based at the Scottish Gliding Union.

Getting into the K21 at Lasham

All gliding in the UK is carried out under the  auspices of the British Gliding Association (BGA) and all training will be carried out by qualified BGA instructors.